NOTTOWAY, VIRGINIA






Position Title:  Daytime Math Tutor (Part-time)


Job Responsibilities:  


To provide direct support to students that need reinforcements in the classroom with particular concepts or skills.  Support is in addition to traditional classroom instruction.  Reports to the building level principal.


Job Description:


  1. Works with classroom teacher to identify areas of remediation for students in math
  2. Provides re-teaching of classroom skills during small group pull-out services
  3. Prepares students for tests and quizzes by providing sample questions
  4. Provides constructive feedback to students regarding skills
  5. Documents and communicates student progress 




  1. Bachelors
  2. Previous Experience in teaching, tutoring or working with children
  3. Knowledge of mathematical concepts
  4. Ability to build rapport with students
  5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills




            $20 per hour, maximum of 20 hours per week through May 2020

            Grant funded Title I Position